posted a response to another complaint about the efficiency of the NCAA in handling eligibility applications. LINK

I've posted this in response and am waiting to see if it gets clearance to be shown on the site:

While I agree with your assessment of Mbakwe's situation, I am inclined to raise a question as to your description of the NCAA's processing of eligibility requests as in a "timely fashion." In a recent article I've read in the Des Moines Register, it indicates that it took this committee about three months to rule on Lucca Staiger's application. It is reported to have been completed May 24 but not dealt with until September 4. Furthermore, the final ruling of the committee was not announced until well into October. While this may seem fine in some cases, it is certainly not an acceptable timetable when we are talking about young peoples' lives. Why doesn't the NCAA just invest more resources into getting these forms taken care of in a more efficient manner?