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Thread: A Cyclone Psalm

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    A Cyclone Psalm

    So, I have a lot of down time, driving back to Ames from Omaha every weekend. And this is what I came up with tonight.

    My prayer for tomorrow: Paul Rhoads is my coach, I shall not worry. He makes us want to run through brick walls. He leads us into battle for the Cyclones sake. Even though we walk into venues where victories are few, we fear no opponent. For he is with us. His team, and coaches, they comfort us. He prepares a game plan in secret, and keeps it from our enemies. We annoint his head with Gatorade, our joy runneth over. Surely jubilation and victories will follow us all the days of our lives, and we shall cheer in the house of Jack Trice forever. Go Cyclones!

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    Re: A Cyclone Psalm

    This is a similar idea. Note: I did not write this, but saw it on Facebook. Someone else has a lot of time on their hands!

    Twas the night before kickoff, a nice September day,

    And the Hawkeyes and Cyclones were getting ready to play.

    The first week results were a win for both teams,

    And the Cy-Hawk Trophy lived in the fans' dreams.

    Three overtimes last year, it took to decide,

    Who would leave disappointed, who would leave with great pride.

    The anticipation was growing, fast like a weed,

    And the Hawkeye running backs said "Did someone say weed?"

    The players were snuggled all warm in their beds,

    Tomorrow's game plan dancing 'round in their heads.

    It would be a battle of wills as it is every year,

    And with each passing moment, kickoff drew near.

    Then game day arrived and the tailgate began,

    And the Hawk fans 'hooked up' in the portable can.

    Then the beer was iced up and the grills set afire,

    Many expected the game to go down to the wire.

    When out came the teams, to a thundering boom,

    And the Cyclones emerged from the pink locker room.

    The stadium rocking as the broadcast began,

    If you have Dish Network, can you watch BTN?

    It was time for the kickoff, to claim the Cy-Hawk,

    Two-thirty PM, said the stadium clock.

    The place in a frenzy, it was time to play ball,

    As the Cyclones heard these instructions from Paul,

    "Now Shontrelle, Now AJ, Now Jacques and Jantz!

    Let's go make the Hawkeyes soil their pants!

    On Jarvis, On Givens, On Reeves, Knott, and Brun,

    Let's hit the field, play hard and have fun!"

    "To the flip of the coin,

    To the kick of the ball!

    Now dash away! Dash away!

    Dash away all!"

    The Hawks won the flip and elected receive,

    We'll now see what Davis has under his sleeve.

    The first drive was effective to the Cyclones' chagrin,

    Nine plays for a touchdown, Bullock punches it in.

    The Cyclones would answer, and would answer quick,

    With a long pass to Gary , and an extra point kick.

    Then the defense would force a Hawk 3-and-out,

    As Wally yelled, That's what I'm talkin' about!

    And then the Red Storm did their work on the ground,

    With Shontrelle and James White going to town.

    At the end of the first, it was 14 to 10,

    And the tension was thick, in the Hawkeye den.

    The second quarter was quiet, neither team found their groove,

    But just before halftime, Coach Mess made his move.

    A fake bubble to Jarvis, would be a Hawk killer,

    When Steele pumped, and turned, and hit a wide open Tiller.

    It was 21-10 and the 'Clone fans were wired,

    They smelled blood on the field, the Hawkeyes were tired.

    Iowa went to the break, they were stunned, somewhat numb,

    As St. Kirk just stood their chomping his gum.

    Early in the third quarter, the Hawks had the ball,

    Their fans were hoping their boys would stand tall.

    A brief second wind turned out to be handy,

    They edged closer, Fiedorowicz, touchdown, from Vandy.

    21-17, it was a ball game again,

    But for Iowa it was just the start of the end.

    For the rest of the day the 'Clones broke their will,

    With four different runners toting the pill.

    The Clones owned the trenches the rest of the day,

    Grabbing big chunks of yardage, play after play.

    And when the Cyclones went deep, with a play action pass,

    Everyone knew they were kicking Hawk ***.

    Three scores went unanswered by the Gold and the Black,

    They just couldn't stop the Cyclone attack.

    38-17, the scoreboard would say,

    As the game clock ticked down to the end of the day.

    As the Cardinal and Gold sang Sweet Caroline,

    The Hawkeyes realized they were in a decline,

    State players and fans sang the fight song real loud,

    And in the locker room heard these three words…I'm so proud!.

    So the Cy-Hawk goes back to the Jake by the Jack,

    It just might be a while 'til the Hawks win it back.

    For the days are long gone of Fry, Long and Station,

    For in Paul Rhoads we trust…..we are CyclONEnation.

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    Re: A Cyclone Psalm

    This thread rocks!

    Quote Originally Posted by cyrocksmypants View Post
    CG. No one knows what you're talking about.

    Quote Originally Posted by cowgirl836 View Post

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    Re: A Cyclone Psalm

    That's from IwasIlliniCy on Cyclone Report. I'm not sure if I'm the one you know, but I may have put that up on Facebook. There's a whole lot of awesome in that thing

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    Re: A Cyclone Psalm

    Try to bump this back to top thread list.

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    Re: A Cyclone Psalm

    Both of those are pretty awesome

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    Re: A Cyclone Psalm

    "O Lord, do we have the strength to carry off this mighty task in one night? Or are we just jerking off?"

    "Correct me if I'm wrong, Scotty.......but if I kill all the golfers, they'll lock me up and throw away the key!" Carl Spackler

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