Not that any of you care, but I thought I'd post this anyway. Our Director of Sales Adam Gray and I are doing a little friendly head-to-head competition where we each pick 10 games every week. Regardless if you agree with the other's pick or not, you have to take that game. I thought I'd post these for discussion purposes only. Or you can just make fun of me too.

Williams Picks for Week 1

Iowa State (+2) vs. Tulsa
Navy (+15.5) vs. Notre Dame (Notre Dame is underrated. Shocker right?)
Southern Miss (+20) @ Nebraska (Skerrrs)
OVER (58) for SMU @ Baylor
UNLV (+8.5) vs. Minnesota (Big Ten team in the desert)
West Virginia (-25.5) vs. Marshall (Randy Moss isn't there anymore)
Arkansas State (+37) @ Oregon
North Texas (+43) @ LSU (DANNY MAC)
Hawaii (+42) @ USC (notice the trend here?)
UNDER (50) for Iowa vs. Northern Illinois

Gray's Picks for Week 1
South Carolina (-6.5) @ Vanderbilt
Penn State (-6.5) vs. Ohio
Michigan State (-7) vs. Boise State
Florida (-29) vs. Bowling Green
Clemson (-3.5) vs. Auburn
Rice (+16) vs. UCLA
UNDER (55) for Notre Dame vs. Navy
Kent St. (-6.5) vs. Towson
Syracuse (PICK) vs. Northwestern
Alabama (-14) vs. Michigan