While I do live in Texas and therefore expect a Texas slant, this is a way over the top.

Right after watching all the holding hands and happy talk about the new league and increased "balance", here is what I've noticed.

Last year and every year before that I can remember, Fox Sports Southwest showed all of the big 12 team previews almost equally with of course a Texas slant. Meaning the Texas schools previews were about 2:1 over the rest of the league.

This year, Texas was on like 25 times starting right after spring media days, all the other Texas teams like 15 times (except TCU), OU and OSU about 5 times, TCU about the same, WVU once or twice and KU and ISU twice back to back at 2 and 3 AM on a weekday this coming week right before the season opens. Oh yeah and Texas A&M is part of the 15 preview deal as well. And none of them in a block like they used to do but broken up into a few here and there at random strange times.

I think maybe KSU got on once, but I haven't seen them at all.

So much for a closer league. And don't give me all that market crap - have you watched the **** they program on local Fox sports net? Enough infomercials to start their own Ronco network, a whole lot of other crap programming and this is the best they can do? And don't give me that ESPN Longhorn network pimping stuff unless Fox has a double secret probationary investment in Disney/ESPN.

What has the coverage been in FSC and other regions?