There is a new article on the front page of the Cedar Rapids Gazette this morning about the Quarterback battle. Nothing new is listed. Basically a rehashing of the PR post scrimmage press conference. What is interesting is the quote from the article below:

"Jantz and Barnett starred in stirring wins last season.
Jantz, a senior helped deliver come from behind wins over Northern Iowa, and Connecticut before a foot injury hampered his performance.:

OK, in the first place, though the final touchdown by ISU over Northern Iowa was a thrill and a huge relief to at least me as a Cyclone fan, I think I would classify that win as a 'relief'. Perhaps I'm nitpicking on this one.

Secondly, aside from a few minutes of offense that took ISU from dog to eventual winner at Connecticut, I would not call that game 'stirring'.

However, the ONE game that I would call 'stirring', Gazette writer Rob Gray completely omits: the multi-overtime win over Iowa.

THis is why the Gazette will never be more than a local Rag.

Wish I had a link to post, but the article isn't online yet.