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    Is anyone else sick of the Hy-Vee Cy-Hawk ads?

    Yeah, it was kind of funny the first time I heard it, but it has lost its effect, being repeated 10 zillion times. It makes me NOT want to buy from Hy-Vee. Can't they come up with a new ad campaign? Or just say they sponsor the Cy-Hawk trophy, and leave it at that? How long are they going to run this? Until the end of time? *Sheesh*

    I feel better now.

    "The values to which people cling most stubbornly under inappropriate conditions are those values that were previously the source of their greatest triumphs over adversity." -Jared Diamond, Collapse

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    Re: Is anyone else sick of the Hy-Vee Cy-Hawk ads?

    It's been the same ad for what, three years now?

    "She knew she was a Hawkeye when she married me."
    That was her first mistake. The second was agreeing to that stupid ad.

    "Seven minutes to glory."

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