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    A Quick Glance at 2014

    14 ISU FB Peek

    Yep, I’m looking way-y-y down the pike. It’s just that some of the conversation about how bad the offense had been had me thinking of what to might look like in the future. After all, a goodly portion of the reason that unit has struggled has been lack of talent—at various positions. Well, CPR has been doing his best to remedy that problem and resuscitate the offense, so I figured that I’d leapfrog ahead to see how things might—might—turn out--before we all get swamped in the here and now with tomorrow's media day.

    Offensive Line
    Because I always start with the big guys up front.

    Jacob Gannon Sr.
    Pick one side or the other, and figure that Gannon is a fixture there. Everyone else fights for the opposite side.

    LG Oni Omoile Jr, Bob Graham Sr
    Ethan Tuftee will have completed his eligibility, but I’m thinking that Omoile is more than rarin’ to go—and could well be in line for conference honors.

    C Tom Farniok Sr. Daniel Burton Soph
    Speaking of honors, Faniok could be surpassing Ben Bruns’ accomplishments.

    RG Duaron Williams Soph Shaban Dika Sr/Jr
    One way or another, this spot looks like it’s another powerful presence, and also capable of bringing home post season honors.

    T Jamison Lalk Jr, Brock Dagel Jr, Jacob Dunning Soph
    Interesting possibilities here, and I wouldn’t count Dunning as the least likely option. Current commit Homa might still need some work. Any of these guys should be ready for a starting role.

    *The one real question might be the starting spot opposite Gannon—and I wouldn’t be surprised if Dunning, at the very least, were already impressing people.

    TE Emmanuel Bibbs Sr, Alex Leslie RFr
    A pretty nice start, and you can guess that they will be joined by at least one more TE by this time—JC or otherwise.

    Quenton Bundrage Jr, P.J. Harris Soph, *Brandon Harris RFr
    Bundrage could be established as a league star. If Brandon’s reported 40 times are genuine and he’s not too green, he might not redshirt. P.J. is a contributor as soon as Yancey gets him past the Anthony Carter stage and more towards Chad Ochocinco.

    WR Jarvis West Sr, JaQuarius Daniels Jr
    Here’s the long and short of it. No shortage of talent or athleticism here in the slot.

    WR Dondre Daley Soph, Quan West Soph, Tad Ecby Jr
    The only reason I put Daley here is that I wasn’t about to slot he and Bundrage at the same spot. Todd Sturdy might, I’m not about to. Get ‘em both on the field—and Daley is another I wouldn’t be surprised if doesn’t redshirt, age 17 this season or not. Ecby and West will both be solid receivers, good hands guys.
    *Honestly, the only direction this group has to go, however good they already are, is still ‘up’.

    Quarterback Jared Barnett Sr, Sam Richardson Jr, Grant Rohach Soph, Trevor Hodge RFr
    Speaking of collections of talent—I’m glad that I’m not the person responsible for picking a starter. Of course, that starter now will likely be whoever won the battle in ’13, so experience aplenty—even if the job was split like in ‘11.

    Running Back Devondrick Nealy Jr, Robert Standard Jr, Tyler Brown RFr
    Another spot where there will be more help, whether it but Justin Webster or someone like Stefon McCray. I’m sure that Nealy and Standarcd will feel that ‘help’ is nice, but they can do a good job themselves,

    As long as I’m doing one side of the ball, why not the other?

    Rush End Devin Lemke Jr, Nik Kron Jr
    There is a reason CR is hitting pass rushing ends so hard this recruiting class. Lemke was a good track athlete, by this time he could be ready to break out. Kron seems at least a bigger version of Neal.

    Defensive Tackle Brandon Jensen Sr, Pierre Aka Soph, Mitchell Meyers Soph
    Here begin the greater assumptions, including a reported tweet by Aka that he’s now a tackle. On the other hand, Coach McKnight should have he and Meyers both completely ready for the B12 by now, wherever they’re lining up. Here/NT, by the way, is one spot CPR is actively recruiting ’13 JC help to ease the transition for the younger guys.

    Nose Tackle Quinton Pompey Jr, Devlyn Cousin Soph
    Again, a spot I have no complaint about—and yet one CPR is furiously recruiting for. Depth matters.

    Strongside End David Irving Sr, Corey Morrissey Jr, Collin Bevins Soph
    Assumptions? A. That Irving is still around, B. That Morrissey redshirts—and is big enough for the strongside, and C. That if Aka is inside, Bevins is…somewhere else. Another sport Coach Rhoads is furiously recruiting.

    Weakside Linebacker Jevohn Miller Sr, Adam Pavlenko Soph Looks like two good players, even if no Jake Knott here. Justin Webster, however…is a decided wild card.

    Middle Linebacker Darius White Junior, Kane Seeley Soph
    Taking a guess that White goes the Klein/Knott special teams route, and Seeley slots here. Perhaps J.D. Waggoner as well.

    Strongside Linebacker/Nickel C.J. Morgan Sr, Kamari Syrie RFr
    There are lots of ways to go with the nickel slot—but I wouldn’t be surprised if by this time Morgan is earning all league honors on the strongside full time. Another spot I might be tempted to pencil Webster into.

    Cornerback Matt Thomas Sr, Ken Lynn Jr, Sam Richardson Jr, D.A. Williams RFr
    The corners can split a lot of ways, I just put all of the smaller guys on the right side. If Lynn puts on enough muscle, with his speed and agility he could be tremendous.

    Strong Safety
    Jared Brackens Sr, T.J. Mutcherson Soph
    Either way this goes, this spot is in good hands. No complaints here whatsoever. Brackens could be a two year starter and star, so you see why I don’t mind if Mutcherson redshirts.

    Free Safety Darian Cotton Jr, Luke Knott Soph, Charlie Rogers Soph
    Yep, I am second guessing CPR a tiny bit here. Not because I don’t believe that Rogers can be a good corner—but because I think that he can be a tremendous safety. As if this spot wouldn’t be solid seven ways to Sunday. Cotton a ball hawk, Knott the cerebral heir to his brother.

    Cornerback Damein Lawry Jr, Nigel Tribune RFr
    Another spot where I think more names will join the competition, but I’m good with these guys to start with.

    Special Teams Cole Netten
    Netten should either be in full swing here—or supplanted. No reason to guess either, just sayin’. The problem is that a local kid just announced for Arizona State as a punter—when he would have slotted in for Kirby Vanderkamp perfectly. Interestingly, the one potential weakness on the team.

    Honestly? The real thing that I see is the difference between now and, say, the McCarney years. Sure, all of these guys aren't going to pan out, or maybe not even stick around. The difference is, one way or another there appears to be a solid baseline of talent across the board.

    Or would you care to debate that?

    Go Cyclones!

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    Re: A Quick Glance at 2014

    Very good. My only change would be I think Williams and Dika are the two starting guards.

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    Re: A Quick Glance at 2014

    Wow... thanks for posting this!

    This really shows you how the depth we're building will pay off down the road IMO. That team looks pretty darn good to me.

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    Re: A Quick Glance at 2014

    Way too early but i really like the look of our o-line.

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    Re: A Quick Glance at 2014

    Quote Originally Posted by Yes13 View Post
    Very good. My only change would be I think Williams and Dika are the two starting guards.
    I'd go with Omoile and Dika, but any combination of those three should make for solid to very good guards. I'm a little concerned about Dika's injury problems, so it may end up being Omoile and Williams for that reason.

    Good write-up, and I agree that 2014 looks to be the year that our offense may finally get up to speed. Unfortunately, I think our defense may be taking a step back by then.

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    Re: A Quick Glance at 2014

    Love the write up Aclone! Thanks for doing it.

    I don't see how Bevins doesn't end up as a big space eater inside. NT or 3 technique, even with the Aka move. I could be wrong though.

    I'm not sure about Daniels in the slot either, he is a big dude and may be best utilized on the outside, imo, especially if he can block.

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    Re: A Quick Glance at 2014

    Irving will not be leaving early. That's not an assumption, that's a fact.

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