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    Pre Two a Days...the Coaches

    *In some ways, the last of the series. I have a couple more thoughts for later.


    Paul Rhoads is THE MAN. Wally Burnham is THE OLD MAN. Shane Burnham may well be THE YOUNG MAN. Yancey McKnight is THE STRONG MAN. Bill Bleil is THE BANDAID MAN. Kenith Pope is THE RUNNING MAN. The list goes on and on…

    Can Courtney Messingham equal his opposite number? For that matter, while Coach Messingham’s star has risen, it seems to have been at the expense of now TE’s Coach Luke Wells. A decent recruiter, his units have struggled on the field during his tenure. Has he simply been in the wrong place at the wrong time? Will the tight ends be a resurgent force? Also, what will Curtis Bray get out of his defensive ends this time around, with so much more material to work with?

    Mystery Meat
    New wide receivers coach Todd Sturdy and defensive backfield coach Troy Douglas. Oddly enough, not only will they be directly opposing one another in practice, they are recruiting opposite coasts. One has already struck gold, the other still marshalling his forces. CPR didn’t reach for vigor and youth with his hires, he clearly sought something else.

    tentative grade: 8.5-9.0
    *but (ahem) I’m prejudiced here.

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    Re: Pre Two a Days...the Coaches

    The TE's got a lot better, the WR's got better, and the ST's got better under Messingham. I see no reason why the Offense and QB's wont also get better under him. Also, our WR coach who is also our passing game coordinator had a real good passing attack during his last stint as OC. I think our offense will be a lot better with these two than we were under Herman.

    We already know our defense is in great shape with Wally and CPR.

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