The season is starting and the recruiting season is getting close to wrapped up - I know there has been some grumbling on here about ISU striking out with some of their primary targets but I still feel like we have a good class. As it stands though, nobody in the Big 12 is really blowing people away.

Right now as it stands:

Big 12:
Top 25: 0
Top 50: 2
Top 100: 5
Top 150: 5
Best Class: Kansas: Morris (37), Releford(72), Morris(74)
- 9 of the Big 12 teams are without a top 150 verbal

There are still some top 150 guys out there and there were only 3 top 150 commitments prior to a few days ago when KU picked up the Morris twins. Only KU (3), TX, and BU have a top 150 commit for 2008. So regardless of what the naysayers out there are proclaiming we aren't exactly falling behind the league with this class and we definitly aren't falling behind the rest of the North.

Of the remaining top 150, only a few list Big 12 schools:

#12 Willie Warren (OU, KU)
#42 J'Covan Brown (BU, OSU, TX)
#83 Rotnei Clark (OSU)
#84 Devoe Joseph (KU)
#98 Teondre Williams (OU)

So while it really doesn't reflect well to see that there will likely be ZERO top 150 recruits for the Big 12 north in 2008, it does go to show that some years are lean in recruiting even for conferences. In 2005 the Big 10 only had ONE top 150 kid conference wide, Krabbenhoft for WI.

These things happen. The important thing is that the staff identified some kids that they think can help ISU win some basketball games and offered them scholarships. If they didn't think they could compete at this level they wouldn't have offered them. Let's let recruiting go for now and focus on this season and beyond, it's going to be a fun ride. Thanks guys!