Good Morning CFers!

I have a couple questions about my parents computer I'm wondering if you guys can help me with.

Somehow my dad managed to get the rogue antivirus Live Security Platinum on his machine. I went over there last night and it seems I have eliminated that issue using a combination of registryfix, rkill, and then Malwarebytes.

The problem we are noticing now is twofold at this point.

1) he cannot access the standard Gmail view. He can only get into his Gmail using the HTML view. The website says to enable ActiveX add-ons thru Internet options and all that, which I have done, but to no avail.

2) certain websites will not display all it's content. For example, he likes to follow along on the Appalachian Baseball League website as we know a couple players playing in said league. The problem is now when you go to the scoreboard to view the box scores of games it says "No games listed on selected date", which I know isn't true because I can access them on my iPad.

Oh yea, also I tried downloading Google Chrome for him to use as I figured maybe this was problems with IE or some of its add ons. But it will not allow me to do that either?

Does anyone have any ideas?

TIA for your help gentlemen! (and ladies?)