Nick Saban said one option to address the Penn State tragedy might be a ticket tax on athletic events and giving the proceeds to child abuse funds.
The Alabama coach said the priority should be the same as in disciplining a player: Try to produce some good from a negative situation.
Longtime Penn State assistant football coach Jerry Sandusky was convicted last month of sexually abusing 10 boys, sometimes on campus.
"This is a very, very criminal situation that probably reflects poorly on a lot of folks," Saban told a small group of reporters before speaking at Southeastern Conference media days. "It's probably too almost raw to really have a feeling that I can express. I think that what we all should probably be thinking a little bit more about is what do we want to be the outcome of this? Something that's a win-win type thing, for kids in the future, the people that are there now, the players that are there now.
"Maybe they ought to tax all the tickets that they sell on athletics and give the proceeds to some child abuse organization. Or something like that, rather than worrying about some punishment that is really going to have no positive affect on anything."
The Alabama coach didn't go into details of how a tax would be implemented. He stressed his comments had to do more with philosophy than a real recommendation.

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