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    CFB Realignment - B/R Editorial

    Though nothing new here, I thought it was a concise, fair summary of where we are in college football. I just spent the July 4th holiday with the wife's extended family as we do annually. There's a good mix of ISU, Mizzou, and Kansas grads which always used to lead us into lively but good spirited debates.

    This year's dscussions were more like one you'd have when the family is brought together for a funeral; sadness in the loss, looking for positives. We came to the same conclusion as this author that money, not logic is driving this process. Unfortunately then, that would lead one to believe this non-sensical shuffling will continue.

    As an old timer, I see little if any good coming from it. Money isn't a good enough motivation for me to bust up old rivalries and traditions, but here we are.

    Is College Football Landscape Stronger or Weaker Post-Conference Realignment? | Bleacher Report

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    Re: CFB Realignment - B/R Editorial

    That was just terrible and shows the idiocy of Bleacher Report. They argue that college football is weaker because the Big 12 doesn't play a conference championship game, and therefore the Big 12 champ plays less games against BCS level opponents than the B1G and SEC champs.

    HELLO? MCFLY? Every team in the Big 12 plays 9 conference games, which is just as many as the teams in other league's championship games, and more than most of the teams in the B1G or SEC.

    Everything they put out is just riddled with factual inaccuracies. You wonder how they've gotten to this point.

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