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Thread: My game notes

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    My game notes

    But not actually about the game, I think it's been analyzed to death, personally a win is a win and it was a win over a pretty solid opponent so I'm actually looking up today instead of looking down.

    1.) Where was this new entrance music we've been hearing about, I heard the first few seconds of Jock Jams and tried to hold my breath until I passed out.

    2.) Loved the inflatable helmet, I might be the only one, but I loved it. Plus, with them running out of the smoke, the entrance is about 1 million times better than it was last year in my eyes.

    3.) I saw Leuer at the game. He was sitting with Cory Johnson, Ross Marsden, Jiri Hubalek, and I think C-Mac and Wesley Johnson but I couldn't tell. He's pretty tall but really skinny. Didn't seem too interested in the game early, but as it got later and closer seemed to be getting into it. On a side not I really like Cory Johnson that guy was really into the game, holy cow I thought he was gonna have a heart attack there in the second overtime.

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    Quote Originally Posted by colocy View Post

    2.) Loved the inflatable helmet
    I too loved the helmet. Especially how they showed McCarney and the boys on the big screen before they came out. Great addition to the game experience imo.

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    Heard from my buddy that Medicom interviewed McDermot and Pollard at halftime. Gets their Mediacom message across Iowa except to Council Bluffs and Burlington and Muscatine.

    Glad to see they had replay for refs to check thier calls.

    Another one of his comments: Chris on sidelines looked reaaly good.

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