I think this has a lot of potential and is a must have. The biggest sign for me will be what the improvent is by the UNLV game. It was by no means perfect, but as I see it, just like this was the first game for the team, this was also the first game for the fans. My hope is that we will have all the bugs worked out by the Nebraska game (by far the biggest game of the season). Also, I hope that once everyone gets the chants down we can also use them on the road, like we have heard from some other big 12 teams that come into JT. Finaly, it would amazing if we could get 75% of the fans in the stadium 30 minutes before game time to do chants while the teams are stretching and warming up, does more good than chanting at the band. I know this won't happen at every game, but at least at the big ones.