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    Mega-Conference/Playoff system

    There is some talk about CFB becoming a 4 mega-conference sport. I don't know if I would be for or against it, but it would have some built in advantages.

    First off, I would do 4 conferences with 20 teams each. Every conference would be broken into 2 divisions of 10. Each team would play 3 non-con games and 9 conference games. Your conference games would all be within you division, making it a true round robin. The top teams in each division play each other in what would be the conference title games...or essentially a playoff round of 8. The winners of the conference title games would meet for the round of 4, like what will happen in 2014.

    I feel like this would leave little room for debate considering you would have to run through your division, then conference title game, then semi-finals game, then Title game.

    Like I said, I'm not saying I am for or against it because it would basically eliminate some teams from EVER winning a conference title (but that is every year). ISU was close to winning the North a few years back, but imagine if their division included 4 more teams. It would make it much more difficult for a team like KU or Wake Forest to win their conference, but it has a built-in playoff system in the nature of the design. Also, it would mean 15 games for those teams that did make the title game if we stayed at a 12 game regular season.

    Is this at all how they are talking about the Mega-Conference alignment? It seems pretty solid for determining a "true" national champ.

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    Re: Mega-Conference/Playoff system

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    Re: Mega-Conference/Playoff system

    Quote Originally Posted by JustRedman View Post
    Not sure what is worse...
    1) Clicking on a thread you had no intension/interest in reading.
    2) Taking the time to add pictures telling us that it is too long to read.
    3) Anyone thinking the U.S. Constitution is too long to read.
    4) Seeing such graphic animal abuse.
    5) Seeing Michelle Bachman's eyes.
    6) Actually thinking the original thread was "too long". I hope I never get to the point when a few paragraphs is just too long to read.

    Make it through all them words, big guy?

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    Re: Mega-Conference/Playoff system

    Quote Originally Posted by CysRage View Post
    Really? 23 days?

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