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    Simmons vs. Ford Mock Draft. Royce

    Goes 20th. Great exchange. Simmons loves Royce.

    FORD: My real goal here is to strip you of the player you are most hoping slides to the Celtics at 21. My two guesses are (a) Jared Sullinger or (b) Royce White.
    SIMMONS: Don't. Don't you dare.
    FORD: I'm taking Royce White. Such an intriguing player. Could be the next Anthony Mason. He gets on the right team with a coach that will play him to his strengths. I'm not sure that's George Karl by the way Karl may kill him but remember I'm taking White just to make Bill and Danny Ainge angry. Plus, White may be one of the all-time most interesting players the NBA has seen since Bison Dele. Loved that Grantland feature on him. Love that he's the only prospect in the history of the draft to compare himself to John Lennon. Have fun with Sullinger. I'll go ahead and order a welcome gift for him. I sort of like this one. Wonder if it comes in green.
    SIMMONS: You took Royce White? You took Royce White???
    FORD: I did.
    SIMMONS: How could you do that? You knew that was my guy! You knew I built the Royce White "We Had To Build This Bandwagon Because Royce Isn't Crazy About Flying" Bandwagon from scratch just so I'd be in the driver's seat when we took him. You knew I made Abrams write a 6,000-word feature to get the rest of the Celtics fans excited. You knew we just spent the last 7,000 words of this mock draft building toward the moment when I gleefully typed in all caps, "AT 21, THE CELTICS TAKE MY MAN ROYCE WHITE, A.K.A. THE STEAL OF THE DRAFT!!!" You even knew I passed on him at 15, 17 and 19 just so he'd be sitting there at 21. This is the worst thing you've ever done to me, Chad Ford. I'm crestfallen. I'm not even mock crestfallen, I'm legitimately crestfallen.
    Can you just take Sullinger? What if I traded you the rights to Charlotte's second-round pick in 2013 that Boston just got because OKC's doctors were slightly shady before the Jeff Green trade not first-round shady, but second-round shady to swap 20 and 21? You get Sullinger for Denver, I get Royce for Boston. Come on. Just say yes. Come on. Do it for Morrison's mustache. Do it for Yi's chair. Do it for Darko's everything. Come on.

    Nobody but HB knows for sure. You pretty much know Knownothing would like to say.

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    Re: Simmons vs. Ford Mock Draft. Royce

    You could tell that Simmons was intentionally not drafting Royce so he could pick him for the Celtics. The exchange for the last 3 picks was hilarious.

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