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    T'wolves owner on succeeding McHale: 'Hoiberg isn't ready yet'

    St. Paul Pioneer Press reporter Rick Alonzo conducted a Q&A interview with Minnesota Timberwolves owner Glen Taylor — published last weekend — that focused on views of current vice president of basketball operations Kevin McHale.

    The discussion also touched on the status of Timberwolves’ assistant general manager Fred Hoiberg, the ex-Iowa State star from Ames who played 10 NBA seasons, and whether he would take over for McHale in the future.

    “I can tell you that Fred Hoiberg isn’t ready yet,” Taylor said in the interview. “But Kevin wouldn’t have any problem stepping down if, say, Fred was ready.

    “I think I’d have to go outside the organization right now to find somebody. I don’t know if I want to do that to Freddie, because I’ve kind of told Freddie that we’re preparing him.”

    Pioneer Press: If Fred Hoiberg is McHale’s successor to run the basketball department, what more does he need to do that job? Experience?

    Taylor: “I think it’s just experience in the tough decisions. He’s in all the meetings. I’m trying to have him go through each area. He was in charge of all the fitness on the players. I had him go through the draft, to see how we could do it better. He can see some of the stuff that we did wrong, and he’s come to me about that. I said, 'Why don’t you do it better?’

    “I think at the end, you just have to throw him out there anyhow. I don’t think you can ever get somebody quite ready."

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    Re: T'wolves owner on succeeding McHale: 'Hoiberg isn't ready yet'

    Well anyone should be better than McHale, the guy has managed to take Minnesota nowhere and get rid of Garnett.

    I think Freddie would be twice as good as McHale and if they think he isn't ready and are having him learn form McHale, I think that is a mistake.

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