does anyone have any figures for the ten teams in the big 12 on the size of their respective football recruiting budgets???

how much does okie state spend on football recruiting?
boone pickens gave them 168 million to upgrade their facilities a few years back. do they still have part of that money to use for purposes of football recruiting.
i would think texas and okahoma would have a very good budget for football recruiting as judged by the size of their stadiums. tcu has plenty of oil money coming into their coffers to support tcu budgets.
i can't fault ole boone for giving away his millions for sports at okie state because he has contributed his fortunes to the m.d. anderson hospital and clinics for cancer research in houston. i think that is a more noble cause than giving 168 million to okie state for sports.
if anyone knows anything about football recruiting budgets for the big 12 schools. would you update us on this topic. thanks hor your help.