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    Shaping the new "BCS" agreement

    Good article out on how the conferences are thinking about dividing up all the extra money for a 4 team playoff. Here is the part that is interesting:

    One proposal that the BCS commissioners are considering, sources told, is dividing the revenue based on the league's past performances, specifically Top 25 finishes in the final BCS rankings since 1998, the first year of the BCS.

    The reason for this model, said an industry source, is the commissioners "don't want to go against the foundation of who brings the most [as a conference]. This provides justification for who gets the lion's share of the revenue."

    The more successful conference teams have been would earn their leagues more money. However, the key factor is that the cumulative rankings of the schools would be based on their conference membership in 2014 and not the conferences they were in the season they were ranked.

    In other words, the SEC gets credit for Missouri and Texas A&M's past BCS rankings; Big 12 gets credit for TCU and West Virginia; ACC gets credit for Miami, Virginia Tech, Boston College, Pittsburgh and Syracuse; Big Ten gets credit for Nebraska; Pac-12 gets credit for Utah and Colorado and Big East gets credit for Boise State, Houston and UCF. The Mountain West and Conference USA also would get credit for their new members.

    1. SEC 1,054
    2. Big Ten 860
    3. Big 12 816
    4. ACC 673
    5. Pac-12 671
    6. Big East 240
    7. Notre Dame 73
    8. C-USA 49
    9. MWC 48
    10. BYU 45
    11. MAC 21
    12. Sun Belt 0
    (tie) WAC 0

    So the SEC would generate the money dollars as a whole, but when you factor in that the SEC has 14 teams and the Big 12 has 10 teams, here are what the points per team would look like:
    SEC: 75
    Big10: 72
    Big12: 82
    ACC: 48
    Pac12: 56
    Big East: 18 (assuming 13 teams in 2014)
    ND: 73
    Other conferences: between 0-5

    So if this is adopted, the Big 12 would receive more per team than any other conference in the country, and if you add Florida State and Clemson to the Big 12, the Big 12 will receive about twice as much BCS money per team as the ACC.

    Will be interesting to see what happens.

    Forgot to link the article:

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    Re: Shaping the new "BCS" agreement

    I liked Rhoads comments in the Sunday Des Moines Register:

    Sunday Special: A new way to find No. 1 in college football ::

    Iowa State coach Paul Rhoads and I___ coach K___ F_____ want to be sure the new playoff system doesn’t impinge on the bowl games.

    “There were 64 teams this past season that qualified for bowl games,” Rhoads pointed out. “That’s a lot of student-athletes and fans and staff and so forth who got to experience everything that is associated with a bowl game. We can’t take that away from college football. And as long as that remains strong, it’s not just the Iowa States and Iowas, it’s a lot of schools.

    “The bowls have to remain strong for college football to remain what it is.”

    “Once we open up this door, the flood gates open up to a certain level. As soon as you start four, there is going to be a group that will start pushing for eight. Then, they’ll start pushing for 16. We’re not going to be able to stop that,” he said. “And the more you do that, the more the bowls get weakened, the more the experience gets taken away from players, the less relevance you have to every Saturday.

    “Every game is important, and game day in college football is second to none.”

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