Michigan State AD, Mark Hollis was named the 2012 AD of the year Wednesday.

MSU's Hollis named top athletic director - Big Ten Blog - ESPN

Interestingly enough on Tuesday I had the opportunity to hear him speak. Here are a few points on what he had to say:
  • Thinks the Big 12/SEC bowl game deal is a great move by the two leagues.
  • Was not a fan of the BTN idea, but has to congratulate Delaney on his vision now.
  • Has plans for many more events at unique venues. They have been working on a BB game at the Olympic stadium in Athens, Greece for some time now. Would like to have the entire Big 10 play games all over Europe the same weekend. Wants to do more in China and other sites around the world as well. Tried to do a game right in front of the magic kingdom castle but there wasn't enough space. Also explored playing a game at Cape Canaveral. (Hollis was the brain child of the carrier game and other games at Ford Field [BB] and Spartan Stadium [hockey].
  • His opinion is that Izzo will retire at MSU. He is very close to Tom. They have been good friends for over 30 years; Izzo was best man at Hollis' wedding 26 years ago.
  • Thinks the 4 team playoff is perfect for BCS. Travel becomes a concern if it grows any bigger. Thinks a stipend (or provided hotel room, at least) is necessary for participating players' families so they can go to multiple post season games and watch their kids play.
  • Thinks NCAA tournament is perfect event. Thinks it is a great thing and supports teams and schools that aren't traditionally powerhouses. Doesn't like how it minimizes the regular season and doesn't want football to end up there.
  • He is a fan of 7 wins to get to a bowl game. I asked about "lesser" bowl games and their impact on the smaller teams (similar to his comments about NCAA tournament). He said for teams on their way up it can be a good thing but for a team coming down it generally is a losing ($) proposition. Didn't seem comfortable with the question.
  • Said the Big 10 was 6-6 regarding a 9 game schedule going into the meeting but in the final vote his vote was the only one cast opposed to it.
  • Talked about the Penn State situation and how the ball was dropped when they should have acted on the information as soon as it happened. He said it was a good thing that this will make sure that there will be no sweeping under the rug when something like that happens at another school down the road. Even the president or chancellor will know that his job is on the line.
  • He goodnaturedly ribbed (or was it ripped?) Ohio State constantly -- kind of like we do at our 800 lb. gorilla, Texas. There were people affiliated with OSU, Illinois and Minny Athletic Departments present at the very least.
I'm sure there was more, but that is all I can remember off the top of my head. Feel free to ask questions if there is something you are curious about. I'll try to remember if he talked about it.