Jeremy Guthrie, SP, COL
News: Rockies starting pitcher Jeremy Guthrie was involved in a bicycle accident on Friday on the way to the ballpark, as the chain on his bike broke, sending him crashing to the ground and leaving him with a sprained right shoulder. “It was a kind of a freak accident. Most of the contact was on my elbow and it kind of jammed my shoulder. I just have some pain, and when that goes away. I would assume yes I will be healthy in 15 days,” Guthrie told the Denver Post. “It wasn’t like wheel slipped out. I was just riding and the next thing I know I was on the ground.” He is headed to the disabled list and will miss at least two starts with the injury. Guillermo Moscoso was called up from Triple-A to replace him.

Wonder if he hit the ground as hard as hitters have been hammering him?