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    Auction/Keeper league help

    So I decided to join a league with a bunch of guys that my friend knows. I am sure they all know way more about baseball than I do, but I am just a sucker for a good league!

    This is the first year of a keeper league (10 keepers). Auction draft (260 budget). Standard 5x5 scoring. It is a 2 catcher league, only difference from a standard starting lineup. We do only have 2 bench spots though. You set your lineup weekly (by Sunday at 11:59pm).

    Kind of a different way we do the keepers though, I've copy and pasted the rule below...

    The standard contract is three years. At the end of year 2, you may choose to extend the contract for an additional year or more, at a cost of $5/year. If you choose not to extend the contract, you have the option to keep the player for year 3 at the original price. Players that have been signed to contracts may not be dropped unless they retire. The end of year 2 is the only opportunity you have to sign a contract. For example, I draft Starlin Castro in 2012 for $15. He stays that price for 2013. Before the 2014 draft, I have the opportunity to extend the contract, and I choose a 3-year deal (2 years past the 'option' year). I would own Castro for $25 in years 2014-1016. Alternatively, I could have exercised the year 3 option, and he would stay on my team in 2014 for only $15, but in 2015, he would be back in the draft.

    We also have a $100 budget for transactions throughout the year, with the minimum bid for a pick up being $5.

    I am basically trying to come up with some sort of strategy for this. I am trying to determine how heavily I should weight the future of the team (avoid Pujols, Rivera, etc... draft Bryce Harper, Strasberg, etc) or if I should just play it out for this year and weigh my keepers after the season. Any advice going into the draft would be greatly appreciated! I'm kind of new to fantasy baseball so I will be open to anything!

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    Re: Auction/Keeper league help

    pretty intense league if you're new to fantasy baseball.

    weekly lineup sets seem odd as well

    anyway play it however you want for a couple weeks and see who you think gives you the best overall value... trust me fantasy baseball is a marathon, not a sprint

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