Remember last week when we had record highs or close to them? Well one college back in my neck of the woods (North East Ohio) had students complain a TON about not switching to air conditioning and a girl in one of the dorms is even threatening legal action because her dorm room was 85 degrees!

Here is an email sent out to all of the students:

If you have been wondering why UA can’t simply flip the switch and let the magic of modern air conditioning cool our brows, here’s the short answer.

UA uses a high-temperature hot water and chilled-water system to manage indoor temperatures in most campus buildings. It’s a cost-effective way to heat and cool a lot of buildings in close proximity.When the shift from heating to cooling occurs on April 15 of every year, it takes the system about a week to adjust.

So why not make the switch already? There’s a risk in shifting to air conditioning too soon, says Joe Gregor, who oversees campus maintenance. If a severe cold snap occurs after the switch, UA risks losing all the individual cooling coils in the buildings. The cost would be in the millions.

So Gregor and his team play the averages, choosing April 15 as the day to switch to cool air, and Oct. 15 to switch to heat, if the weather permits. In shorter terms, there won’t be any relief until the semester comes to an end. The final day of classes is April 27, so basically students may get air conditioning for a week plus exams.
Oh and this morning over in Akron is was 25 degrees... don't you hate when the University is right?

All I did whenever one of my friends complained on Facebook about the heat in the dorms/classrooms I linked to a picture I took my first week of school here (and this was the only one we took a pic of, we even saw it go to 02 which would mean 102 degrees):