Other than our poor showing, I really enjoyed the nationals this year. Some of my highlights:
  • Record attendance, which is great for the sport. Great crowd for the final too.
  • Great display by Penn State. I know lots on this thread don't like Cael, but I think he's a great coach and has achieved the success expected of him. There was lots of pressure on him to succeed, but I doubt even his greatest Penn State fans expected this much success this soon.
  • Great showing by Cornell in the finals. Three finalists and three champs.
  • I am sure Iowa was disappointed that neither St. John nor Marion won; I am sure they are great kids and recognize what they have accomplished but I just can't get passed the behaviour of Brands. Bad for the sport; bad for Iowa. He may be successful, but .....
  • The great programs showed how great they are: Penn State and Cornell. And looking at their recruiting, they have no intention of easing off the throttle. They may not be my schools, but I still admire what they have done.
  • Favourite matches? Hard to say. David Taylor totally outclassed Hatchett, but I think I enjoyed Ruth's strategy and focus.
  • Feel really badly for Sorensen. He deserved a better fate; a healthy Sorensen had a very reasonable shot at the final.
  • Where was the Big 12? OSU finished 6th and the next best showing was UO at 13th. Ouch.