Tomorrow will be here in 61 minutes. With it comes two huge games for Cyclone Country. While I'm obviously all about what Fred and the men are doing, I'll personally be at Hilton to support our ladies in red (yes, as the lower seed they will be in red).

Much has been written about the mighty 10th ranked Green Bay team. Guard oriented. Fast. Pesky. Only one loss. But...

Everyone remembers the last time they were in Ames two years ago. What I remember was an Iowa State team with freshmen playing post, an ill Alison Lacey, and a Kelsey Bolte who had yet to take on the leadership role she would shine in the next year. And yet...the sisters found a way to hang around and eventually win.

I'm going to be the not-so-cautious person and say that I fully expect our women to win IF a few things happen. These aren't miracle things but rather just solid play things. Things we all know they can and should be able to do on a more consistent basis. Here they are:

1. Pop, Prins, and Big C have big games. Zimm steps in and provides valuable relief. We have experienced posts this time around. Not a bunch of rookies. That experience should pay off in spades.
2. Consistent play by our guards. That means Loz, Cole and Moody care for the ball, handle the press, and make things aggressive on the offensive end. Driving the lane to create or score. Double the assists versus turnovers. Moody showing the outstanding point guard skills she has demonstrated in the last few games.
3. Fouls. Pop and others have to stay out of foul trouble. If Pop goes to the bench our chances are reduced greatly just as they were against KState in the Big-12's.
4. Defense. Keep playing that salty, Bill Fennelly coached signature defense. Make Green Bay earn every single point they get.
5. The Crowd. We need butts in the seats and need to get involved early and often. Make Green Bay need hearing aids to understand their coach. Shake the floor. I'll be there...will you?

I'm not asking for the world here...just a well rounded solid game from our ladies. We've seen in on several occasions this year. Bring it out again.

Here's hoping for two big victories tomorrow...starting with the Sisters.