I realize that in a sense Im preaching to the choir here but at this point there are three options for what an ISU football fan can do.

1. Continue to support that team like you have been up to this point this year. (The attendance and support has been on of the biggest positives this year)
2. Still follow the team but limit the number of games you go to and have results at least partially indicate support for the program.
3. Be frustrated enough to stop following the football team and either start following someone else or put your attention someplace else for the foreseeable future.

Im not going to sit here and tell anyone that picking any of these options is the wrong choice. I know what I will do and it really is a personal choice and one that for many people can involve a lot of time, money, and emotional involvement. What I am going to say is that if we continue to be able to support the team and program like we have so far this year for the remainder of the year and next year there will be two benefits that aren't exactly obvious: recruits have to be impressed with that kind of fan support for a losing team and can only imagine what it would be like for a winning team (the answer to that is Hilton by the way) and if Chizik and Co. do get it going and have success there is no way they won't remember the loyalty they were shown and have it mean something to them. Not saying it will keep coaches forever or bring in prized recruits but it certainly won't do the inverse which a lack of support certainly could.