I haven't been watching the BF Show on CloneZone --I had forgotten it was there. I recently watched one and discovered they've been interviewing past players in them.

They are all premium (CZ subscribers only) except for BFS#2 and the Bolte interview which is available as a free video separate from the premium BFS#7 video.

#1 no interview
#2 (1/18/12) at 12:30 mark: Janel (Grimm) Burgess
#3 (1/26/12) at 11:20 mark: Stacy (Frese) Huber
#4 not online?
#5 (2/7/12) at 10:00 mark: Alison Lacey
#6 (2/10/12) at 11:50 mark: Angie (Welle) Edinger
#7 (2/21/12) at 10:45 mark: Kelsey Bolte

The easiest way to get to them is to search for Bill Fennelly Show in the far upper left of the CZ media player.