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    Duerson Family looking for payday....

    Seriously......I'm really not sure how to view the family for Dave Duerson.

    Chicago Bears -- Dave Duerson's family sues NFL over safety's suicide - ESPN Chicago

    First, if the family is suing for no punitive damages and only for the betterment of their fathers profession and protection of current and future players, i respect them as much as i did their father.

    However, to me, this appears to be for profit....Go ahead, sue the nfl, i hope you have a lot of money....when you lose, and the nfl will make sure you lose, you will owe your lawyer a mint....Because if you win, they will have every player before 2000 suing them for brain damage....the nfl will pursue this defense with serious fire power and vigor.....

    They're also suing the maker of the Helmet Riddell for providing a device which does not properly protect. Well a lot of people die in cars each year, i've never seen the family of a drunk driver list the fact that there's no warning or notification that if you consume a lot of alcohol, that you may not want to drive a 3,000 lb missle down the road....

    To me, add this to this list...

    The 10 Most Ridiculous Lawsuits of All Time

    Similar to Mcdonalds 7 mill dollar the time of that incident, mcdonalds was serving their coffee at 180-190 degrees. Guess what temperature they serve it at today...180-190 degrees, enough to cause third degree burns. However, now, they have writing on the glass that reads "Careful contents maybe too hot to drink".....thus no liability....

    So now you will see a 4"x4" sticker on every helmet that reads the following -
    6'-3" 225 lb super athletes that fling themselves at one another may get the snot knocked out of your brains from time to time which may cause severe brain damage. Player should refrain from hitting anything with your head, and avoid being hit in head, or allowing yourself to be pummeled to the ground to prevent concussions.

    On the bright side, they will then have no use for a helmet as they will be unemployed!!!! But at least the liability is established that its the players fault.

    This comes off to me as just another attempt for someone to get rich the real american way - SUE SOMEBODY...if they do it only for safetys sake, i respect their decision.

    R.I.P. Dave Duerson - you were a great player...

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