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    Fantasy baseball help

    My first money league I have ever been in - got roped into this one. $200 a man, so it's worth following and competing. I am looking for some basic draft advice, as I have no clue. Here is some info on the league:

    Head to Head
    Total points scored
    Three division winners and three wild cards. 6 of 12 make playoffs

    1B Singles 1.5 points
    2B Doubles 3 points
    3B Triples 5 points
    AB At Bats 0 points
    BB Walks (Batters) .5 points
    CS Caught Stealing -1 point
    H Hits 0 points
    HR Home Runs 7 points
    KO Strikeouts (Batter) -.5 points
    R Runs 1 point
    RBI Runs Batted In 1 point
    SB Stolen Bases 2.5 points

    BBI Walks Issued (Pitchers) -1 point
    CG Complete Games 10 points
    ER Earned Runs -3 points
    HA Hits Allowed -2 points
    K Strikeouts (Pitcher) 1 point
    L Losses -8 points
    SO Shutouts 5 points
    W Wins 10 points

    Relief Pitchers
    BBI Walks Issued (Pitchers) -2 points
    BS Blown Saves -7 points
    ER Earned Runs -3 points
    HA Hits Allowed -3 points
    K Strikeouts (Pitcher) 3 points
    L Losses -7 points
    S Saves 10 points
    W Wins 7 points

    Anyone have any basic draft strategy and also what is a good draft sheet to use? I sometimes listen to the Fantasy Focus podcast on ESPN and know they have sheets. Anyone used those?

    Team Rainbo_

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    Re: Fantasy baseball help

    I've never done head to head fantasy baseball before, but saves seem to be weighted really heavily in this league. I would load up on closers. And your biggest target should be pitchers who can pitch a shutout, Verlander and Halliday come to mind first. Hitting seems pretty straight forward, avoid guys who strikeout a lot. And pure singles hitters are almost worthless unless they have a LOT of speed.

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    Re: Fantasy baseball help

    I have won my league back to back and have a few suggestions...

    My league is also head to head, but a category league. HR, RBI, R, SB, and OBP are our offensive categories and W, S, ERA, WHIP, K's are our pitching categories.

    I've found that keeping a balance between hitting a pitching is the way to go during your draft. Closers are very important as there is only 1 per team as opposed to starting pitching with usually 3 serviceable guys per team. Starters are sooooo deep this year that it makes sense to drop on an elite closer after you have your ace starter.

    I would target Kimbrel, Storen, Rivera, Bell and Papelbon as your tier 1 closer.

    I've also found that the most important rounds of your draft are after round 7. That's when dudes start getting disinterested and/or panicky. Two years ago I drafted Carlos Gonzalez in round 18 and he was my MVP...there's always a guy like that out there that will shine...

    Just my 2 cents...good luck!

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