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    Twister Sister Summary - Ladies fall as offense goes on vacation

    This is one of those games where pretty much everything you could imagine went wrong for the lady clones. The commentators would call it a defensive battle but to me it seemed as if our ladies were just "energy-less" through much of the game.

    The start of the game saw our ladies missing from everywhere, but predominantly from deep. After 11 minutes of play state had 9 points on 4-15 shooting. Shots were consistently falling short which you would usually attribute to tired legs. I listened to an early part of the game on the radio as I returned from the Chicago auto show and ISUs broadcasters said it looked as if no one wanted to shoot the ball.

    State would scratch back and close to 13-14 and then see Tech stretch it to 6 points. Every time we closed in, they would go on a little run to answer back. We hit a 3? They score 5. It was frustrating. The shots were ugly. The hustle on offense was non-existent much of the time. We had no real answer for Techs defense as our shots were consistently taken with 3-5 seconds left on the shot clock.* It was about as horrible a first half as we've seen this year...compatible to the ATM game in Ames. Yes, that bad. At the half it was Tech up 25-21. Yes, we were still in the game, but something had to happen offensively if we were going to take over the game.

    The second half looked just like the first. Tech was doing just enough offensively to keep us at bay. The offense of the sisters was disfunctional at best as we could pull within 2 or 3, but never closer. Techs defense was smothering on the perimeter and we couldn't find a way to consistently hit anything.* I honestly thought we looked like we were walking in mud throughout the game. We were slow. our guards were having a horrible day from the field. We were turning the ball over and losing possessions at critical times. It was just a bad day of basketball from nearly every aspect.

    With 8 minutes to go the wheels started to come off. We started missing free throws. No scoring occurred over several minutes. Tech started to stretch the lead and there was no response from the sisters. If a cardiac machine were hooked up to the team it would show a flat line. Five minutes left and we had a paltry 33 points and were down by 10. I can only imagine how frustrated the coaching staff had to be watching the ladies struggle in every aspect of the game.

    This 51-41 loss came down to several things. Yes, Tech played good defense, but the untimely turnovers and missed free-throws and overall lack of hustle/energy cost ISU. The offense never got into sync as they took too much time getting the ball up court nearly every possession against a 3/4 court press (sound like an ATM recipe?). There was no one to consistently turn to for offensive spark. Pop fouled out with a couple of minutes left.* There was just nothing happening and the ladies went with nary a whimper today.

    For Tech, a first time starter Chynna Brown, lit us up for much of Techs offense with 19 points.* Gave her way too many open looks and she cashed them in. it is. We only scored 21 in the first half and 20 in the second. That won't win any games in this conference. I'll give credit to Tech for playing tough D, but I didn't see any energy from our team that normally would have caused the defense to fall apart. There was never any urgency.

    Here is what our team looked like. Pop had 12 points but only took 7 shots. 7 boards and fouled out. Harris was a real boost today with 11 points and three 3's. Moody had 11 points but was a horrible 3-13 from the field and missed two late free throws. Big C disappeared again going 1-6 from the field. The hero from the Mizzou game, Loz, went 0-8 from the field. We shot a miserable 19% from beyond the arc. Tech got off 12 more shots than we attempted. Paints an ugly picture doesn't it?

    This one is a puzzler. Our defense was "ok" as we held Tech to 51 points. We only ended up with 13 turnovers after 8 in the first half. It was just a really, really bad game offensively. We played 26 points below our average over the past 7 games. A friend of mine texted me and asked me why they looked so tired? Hard to say, but they have to turn it around in a hurry. They are a better team than what they showed today and definitely good enough to beat Tech. Some might say we regressed today, but I'm thinking that we just ran into a wall. They've worked so hard to get back into the Big-12 race and I wonder if this was just a chuck hole in the road that they fell into.

    So, we are in a 3 way tie for 6th right now with Tech and OSU at 5-7. One game up is KU at 6-6 and KSU next at 7-5. There are lots of opportunities to move up with games against these teams. Next up is going to be another real test. Two games at home starting with KU on Wednesday. This was one we should have had in Lawrence and I'm hoping paybacks are hell. But if the offensive energy doesn't reappear we will continue to struggle. Its going to start with our guards. They have to pick up their aggressiveness on the offensive end. They have to be sharp in their execution. We have to move and not stand around so much. When we do that good things happen. Let's hope it all starts Wednesday.

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    Re: Twister Sister Summary - Ladies fall as offense goes on vacation

    Thanks for write up. This loss, more what appeared the offensive game plan and/or execution, was very disappointing. The game reminded me of the A&M game in Ames when A&M applied tough perimeter defensive pressure and our guards couldn't do anything. As a result, our inside game disappears, also. We need to suck it up and finish no worse than .500 in the conference; win a tournament game or so, then we'll be OK. We can do it!!!!!

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