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Thread: Ranges & Ovens

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    Ranges & Ovens

    Reviews on electric ranges/ovens from fanatics. Want to spend less than $800. Share what you have, likes and dislikes, and recommendations. Thanks!

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    Re: Ranges & Ovens

    Gas or electric?

    I wont cook on a stove that isn't gas, but the oven, if you are a serious baker, should always be electric.

    Most are created equal now adays, price wise, it's all about perks, size and burner strength. Stainless is always a good option because of it's ease of cleaning. And your burner grates should always bee a flat black finish. There are things that just aren't going to clean off of those things and they eventually always become flat black.

    I don't have any specific brands to recommend. I would just seriously think about what kind of cooking you do and then buy based on what kind of cooktop space you are going to need.

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    Re: Ranges & Ovens

    About three years ago we bought a Kenmore Elite 5-burner gas range. I cannot think of one even remotely negative thing to say about it. We cook A LOT, including canning in the summer.

    It's a personal preference thing, but I hate stainless appliances. They usually look smeary to me. So, we went with all black appliances. The grates on the range are not flat black, more of a shiny black enamel. They clean like a dream. No mater what manages to boil over or spill, they wipe right off. I can't remember what we paid. Bought a fridge and stove together. While checking them out at Sears we were told about one of their 'friends and family' events where we were given a discount code that was good for a couple hours on a Sunday night, in addition to their advertised sales. So, I knew what models I wanted and ordered them online during the sale. We picked them up at the Ft Dodge store because a) the db's at the DSM store really p*** me off and b) it's just as close to our house as DSM.

    I'm intrigued by the ranges that have the double doors - with a smaller oven on top. Looks perfect for a cookie sheet or other small pan. But, the price tag this always seems a bit ridiculous.

    If I had a spare $30k laying around our kitchen would be gutted. But, that's not going to happen for a few years. Until they day I can afford my double wall ovens and drop-in gas cook top, the Kenmore range will see me through.

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