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    Sat by Royce White's mentor at KU game

    Well, one of them, I'm sure Royce has had a number of mentors in his life.

    About 10 minutes before tip-off a large man who looks like he might be Tron's slightly smaller brother walks down our row in section 213 and sits next to my wife. After a little chit chat we find out he came down from Minneapolis to watch Royce, has known him since he was 5, and has been a mentor to him.

    The guy was very much into the game, knew all of the player's names, and one memorable comment came when Royce had the ball alone against one of KU's bigs in the second half: "Take his ***, Royce!"

    Best moment was when Babb hit the clutch three near the end to basically seal the game. Everyone's going nuts, we're high fiving, this guy bear hugs my wife, then he turns around to the row of 8 KU fans behind us who had been running their mouths during the game and offers to high-five them as well (remember this is a Tron-sized individual). Of course they turn him down, and a moment later they head out early with their tails between their legs.

    While reading the story about how Calipari tried to get Royce to Kentucky after his Minnesota stint, and meeting this guy, I realized it's pretty cool that Royce's family and friends can take a short drive down I-35 to see him in person in Ames. Glad Fred got him to Ames.

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    Re: Sat by Royce White's mentor at KU game

    This is a pretty cool story. Good to see people supporting Royce. He needs it.

    "Winning isn't everything, it's the only thing."

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