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    Songs that Describe Big 12 Football

    With the season half over, I thought it'd be fun to try and encapsulate each team in the Big 12 with a single song. Let's do this.

    Texas: Notorious B.I.G.- Notorious Thugs

    Pretty obvious. With the litany of off-field problems their players have had with the law, you'd be hard pressed to find a song that describes this team better. Plus you know the beat cost about a million dollars. Fits perfectly for the team with the biggest athletic budget in the Big 12.

    Oklahoma: Smashing Pumpkins - Bullet With Butterfly Wings

    Hard driving, relentless anthem from the Pumpkins. But, as Colorado proved two weeks ago, this bullet isn't unstoppable. Bonus points: Billy Corgan's nasal whine reminds me of Bob Stoop's ******** after calls don't go his way.

    Texas Tech: The Ramones - Blitzkrieg Bop

    After watching FSN's "instant classic" ISU-TT replay earlier tonight, blitzkrieg is the only way to describe Tech's offense.

    Nebraska: Husker Du - Friend, You've Got to Fall

    Alright, this is a bit of a stretch. I just wanted to exploit the Corn Husker-Husker Du connection. But, I was at a wedding this weekend with a bunch of Nebraska fans. After the Mizzou game Saturday, Husker fans quickly became OBLITERATED. A fall from grace is always rough, and "Friend, You've Got to Fall" describes the current meltdown going on in Nebraska.

    Kansas: Fat Joe - The **** is Real

    Whoa, Kansas! I'm impressed. I didn't know what to think after the first few weeks, but after a good win last Saturday against instate rival KSU, I think you have what it takes to win the North. And Fat Joe kinda resembles your leader, the round-mound-of-touchdown, Mark Mangino (minus the 'stache).

    Iowa State (Optimistic View): The Beastie Boys - Time to Build

    A message of hope from the ageless Beastie Boys. Sparse and open, much like the Cyclones playbook at the moment. Offers a promising vision for the future, away from the current state of affairs.

    Iowa State (Pessimistic View): The Replacements - I Don't Know

    Maybe the sloppiest song in The Replacements repertoire, and that's saying something. Like the Cyclone's turnover ratio this season, "I Don't Know" is rough sounding. A song about indecision from a band that never lived up to it's potential (sound familiar?)

    That's all I got, any suggestions for the other six teams in the conference?

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    Re: Songs that Describe Big 12 Football

    yeah i have a suggestion...get trashed like me and then come on CF and try to make sense of a post like this one.

    (better yet try to type a response. this took me like 6 minutes to type)

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