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Thread: G-Mac defense?

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    G-Mac defense?

    I haven't watch too many UNI games, and as I am out of the country, I never see them on TV. What type of defense did G-Mac typically play? While I loved watching the zone when we finally understood it, I still prefer a good man-to-man that switches to zone as needed.

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    Re: G-Mac defense?

    I would think we'd run a lot more man-to-man now but without seeing what kind of defenders the new recruits are it's hard to tell. It baffled me why we didn't play more man defense last year when we had the talent to do it. Ok so our big guys were a little undersized but that is nothing a double-team or teaching them how to front their defender would have solved. Clark, Blalock, and Stinson then you had Neal and Carr off the bench all had the athleticism to play great man defense. We switched to it a few times last year and I thought we allowed way less open 3's and layups when we played that than we did with the zone.

    Our zone was a complete joke last year. Teams knew we were looking to trap and someone was coming to the ball every time we tried it leaving the 2nd or 3rd guy to get the pass open for a 3 or layup. If they had an open 3 you'd see someone come running out from the post leaving their man underneath wide open. It was just a terribly run zone last year. You take the constant trapping out of the 2-3 and we might have played it better because guys would not have to be scrambling to cover the open guys when someone left their spot to trap.

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