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    Scary arrest in England

    So a 17 year old was arrested and charged with posession of the anarchists cookbook.

    BBC NEWS | UK | Boy in court on terror charges

    Pretty scary that countries are willing to trade freedom for safety, when we all know doing that will get you nothing except less freedom. I can see the same thing happeng here shortly.

    Of course with the wonderful world of the internet, you can get much better info. Like a improvised munitions handbook. I won't link, but it is REALLY REALLY easy to find.

    Uhhh ohh, I guess I am a terrorist now for googling for that info.

    They who can give up essential liberty to obtain a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety. - Benjamin Franklin 1775

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    Re: Scary arrest in England

    Dick Cheney has ordered the black helicopters to code yellow status. If you have GPS in your car you better rip it out.

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    Re: Scary arrest in England

    Actually, it's the real power behind the gov't, Karl Rove. What noone knows, is that after he resigned, he REALLY became the President of the "shadow gov't."

    I would suggest putting on the tinfoil hat, and quick!

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