I was told they were expecting 180 people. The dinner was held at Iowa Western Community College and students from the culinary school did the cooking and did a very good job on the prime rib and the whole dinner. The silent auction had 70 items with a value of $20 to $300. The main auction after dinner had 12 items with a top value of $5000 for a weeks skiing. Cael donated 3 autographed pictures, I wanted them, but the bidding got out of my range in a hurry. I was very fortunate to get my ticket order in early. My son and I got sit with Cael and his wife, Cody Sanderson, Tim Hartung and Nick and Mary Pauslon. Tim Hartung was the MC and did a very good job, I was impressed by his speaking ability and jokes he told. Trent and Travis, I had forgotten about how many injuries Travis had to fight through in his career, both talked for about 15 minutes with very emotional speeches, very impressed with both young men. Cael was the featured speaker and talked for about 20 minutes, he was very comfortable speaking and said he felt both Trent and Travis style of wrestling fit free style and both had a very good chance of making the team and winning the Gold. I politely asked the coaches a few questions and got very general answers. I did ask about all the wrestlers moving up a weight and Cael assured me all the wrestlers were moving up because they were getting bigger and no one would be uindersized for their new weight. It was a great evening and if anyone has any extra cash, please send a donation to Nick and Mary Paulson for T n' T.