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Thread: Iowans in town

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    Iowans in town

    For those of you who don't know, I work at a training base in Germany, where we prepare European and US (among other) soldiers for military service in various places in the world. The last few weeks, we had a treat: Iowa National Guardsmen from the Northwest part of the state were being run through training prior to deployment. I ran into a bunch of guys wearing Cyclone apparel walking from my car to my office this morning, and we talked for awhile.

    One guy was from Callendar, two were from Gilmore City, and one from Spencer. I'm from that area, originally, so it was nice to talk about "home". These guys were on their way to the train to Regensburg, and possibly Munich, for the last weekend of Oktoberfest. I hope they get completely smashed, in their last weekend off before they go "downrange." They asked me where the best place to stay is in Regensburg, and I responded, "With some German girl." They were all over that.

    I am more convinced than ever that Iowa is the best place on earth, to live. I am SO back there as soon as my contract expires....

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    Re: Iowans in town

    I live in South Africa for work, and will be back in Iowa over the Christmas holidays for home leave. My kids are already counting down the days of what they will try in Iowa when they get home. Besides family and hours at Barnes & Noble, tops on my list is an ISU basketball game!!!

    I am missing a family wedding in KC this weekend, so a bit homesick.

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