Is it harder to root for a perenial loser? Maybe one that would never make a run for a championship. Think of the Lions, Clippers, Royals or the Washington Generals (Kidding).

What if your team makes a run for a championship but can never quite reach the playoffs? Something along the lines of Iowa State a few years ago.

What if your team makes the playoffs year after year but can never get to the championship game? Think of the Chiefs of the 90's or the Colts up until last year.

Is the hardest making the championship game but losing? Like the Bills, Braves or Kansas.

I've seen many disapointing things in my years as a sports fan. The last time any of my teams won anything was the Pirates in the 1979 World Series. Since then, I've had to endure 3 straight NLCS losses by the Pirates, 4 Super Bowls with the Bills and countless losses with the Clones.

What's your opinion. Is it harder to root for a loser or a team that can't get over the hump? I think Cub fans should know something about this