Texas' Dodds: Revamped Big 12 will be a top-tier cash generator - NCAA Football - CBSSports.com

This is consistent with what we've all been saying. Starting next year, the per team average should be around 16-17 million per team in the Big 12. But in 2016, the new Tier 1 deal should jump to around 15-20 million per team per year, making the B12 payout per team per year potentially upwards of 30 million per team per year.

Nobody knows exactly what other conference's figures will be in 5 years, but at that time the Big 10 should have a slight revenue lead over all other conferences with the PAC/B12/SEC/ACC all within 5 million or so of each other. If the Big East exists it will be dwarfed by other BCS conferences, but still light years ahead of conferences like the C-USA or Mtn West.