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    Thomas and MSG found liable

    ESPN - Jury: MSG must pay ex-Knicks executive $11.6M - NBA

    It just doesn't get any better for the Knicks does it? Everything Issiah has touched after he retired from playing the game has gone to crap:

    Toronto Raptors: finally recovering from all the bad decisions he made
    Indiana Pacers: was not that good of a coach, Larry Bird fired him immediately after taking over as President
    CBA: ran the league into bankruptcy
    New York Knicks: handcuffed them for years to come with some terrible contracts of underachieving players. Traded away valuable draft picks and expiring contracts in the process and now this lawsuit.

    Go Cubs Go!

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    Re: Thomas and MSG found liable

    without playing the race card to loudly, could you imagine the outcry if race was an issue in what was said to who in this story???

    for the most part it has been fairly quite... but if it had different races involved, this would be on Gretta.

    - keep.

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