My home tower computer had a mother board/processor issue about a year ago. I just recently bought a used replacement from the DOT sale about a month ago. The DOT computer came with a wiped hard drive which was fine. I've loaded Umbuntu 11.10 onto it to get it going.

I took the hard drive out of my old computer which is an parallel EIDE connection. The new computer uses a SATA serial connection. I placed the old hard drive into a EIDE to USB adapter box? that I bought so I can get to my old files, and it works fine.

Is there anyway to get the new computer to boot through the USB the get Windows XP running which is still on the old hard drive. I've gone into the boot menu on the computer to try and boot from the USB and it goes to read it, but then nothing happens and it loads Linux.

If there is no way to do this I'll just delete all the Windows info on the hard drive and just use it for storage. Right now I'm just somewhat uncomfortable with the Umbuntu operating system. Most of the concern is over security of the operating system (virus scanners/firewalls), although I've been told there shouldn't be much security issues running a linux system