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    Twister Sister Summary - Ladies cruise

    No one expected this game to be close. It wasn't. No one expected this game to be missing one of its marquis players along with her top backup. Yet, we were. What this game ended up being was experience. Experience for a lineup or two that normally wouldn't see the court together. The result? A rather boring 77-47 victory for the ladies that accomplished some things that may end up being important down the road.

    Who was missing? Pop and Prins. Double P for post. Both are nursing knee injuries with Prins fighting a chronic swollen knee that requires draining (think needle...ugh) and Pop who injured her knee late in the win over Iowa. All that was said about Pop was that her injury normally took about 10 days to heal properly. Guess what? That is exactly what she will get as she awaits UNI on the 20th. Any day of rest for Prins is a good day.

    Brin Williamson took the starting spot and moved into where Big-C normally resides. Big-C moved to the post and had a career game against MVS. This was a short team we were playing with only two players over 6 feet tall and the tallest being a very, very average post who would only see a few minutes late in this contest. This worked to Big-C's favor as the plan in the first half was to feed it inside. 24 points, 8 boards, and 4 blocks later, she would finally get a rest playing a little over one half. That should also tell you how lopsided this game could have been.

    Several players took advantage of this game. It reminded me of some of the exhibition games at the beginning of the season. Everyone got to play. The margin continued to grow throughout the game and reached 40 points before MVS put in four of its five starters against the end of our bench. That allowed them to narrow the margin to the final 30 points. Our ladies were never really pushed but some stood out for their efforts tonight. Of particular notice were:

    Jess. She has this controlled intensity about her. She plays solid D, rebounds and is a hawk for the ball. She ended up with 8 very strong boards and five assists. I can't underestimate the boards. In one instance it seemed as if no one else on our team could hang on to the ball. She just grabbed it out of the scrum and that was that. No one was getting it away from her. She reminds me a bit of Pop when she rebounds.

    Moody. Did a nice job of running the court today. She gets this team moving and I'm starting to think they actually are a better team when they are running with the ball rather than playing a half court set up. Nailed her first 3 three pointers.

    Zimm. Got some quality garbage time. Committed three fouls in a little more than 10 minutes of play, but man...she rebounded hard and found her way to double figures in the box score with 11. I think her defense is what let's her down. A little slow afoot and propensity to foul. Otherwise, she should play more as she was a monster out there.

    Fallon Ellis. She is a banger. Very aggressive and hard working. She got quite a few minutes today and made the most of it. Her shooting wasn't the prettiest thing in the world, but she was clearing the boards on the offensive end.

    Mays. My surprise of the game. Haven't seen her play much. She didn't make a big impact on the stat sheet, but my impressions are that she is an athlete who just needs some refinement. She is smmmoootthhh when she is on the court. Agile and long. I'm anxious to see how she develops over the next couple of years.

    There really isn't anything to report that was truly exciting about this game. MVS was completely over-matched and it showed in every facet of the game. Unfortunately, we still showed some of the same problems that have plagued us all season. We clank way too many 3 point shots. Now I do understand that many of these were from non-starters (who hit 7 of 19), but this isn't a normal Bill Fennelly team in this aspect. The worst part of the game is one I've mentioned too many time this season. Free throw shooting. Hitting less than 60% as a team is inexcusable and will cost us games at some point. Cole just about bent the rim with a few of hers (yes, I'm exaggerating) and only Big-C, Brin, and Zimm looked good. As in the Iowa game we missed 1-1 front ends too many times. Even Coach E. talked specifically about it after the game. It is a very big concern for the coaching staff.

    Good stat of the day is the assist to turnover ratio. Would you believe we only had ONE turnover in the second half? A nearly 4-1 ratio is a coaches dream and much of this was due to State putting it inside to Big-C and friends.

    Not a bad way to go into finals week. Hopefully we will come through that unscathed and be ready for a tough UNI squad at home next Tuesday (the 20th). They are 7-2 with losses to an always tough (and ranked) Green Bay team and a close 4 point loss to Iowa.They have three players averaging double figures and impressively outscore their opponents in the second half by nearly a 3-2 margin. Another good test before the brutal Big 12 schedule arrives.

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    Re: Twister Sister Summary - Ladies cruise

    Sounds good. If Big C Hallie can average 15-20 points in Big 12 play that dramatically changes our team dynamic, assuming Prins and Pop also come back fully healthy. Love that Coach told her to shoot more.

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