If you want something that has higher participation like the NCAA bball and doesn't involve a significant higher number of games I have an idea. It also almost gives the idea of a double chance at postseason yet, makes the regular season more interesting.

High participation idea:
1. Go to 13 games each year in regular season(this may be needed so major conferences teams can keep a 7th home game). All conference games are finished on the 11th week in the season. Each team's schedule is TBA on 12 & 13th week. (Might need to have a 2 week period from week 11 to week 12 to facilitate scheduling travel, etc), also not a bad time of year for teams to get healthy.
2. 32 teams are chosen and seeded and use the last 2 weeks of the regular. This is called the sub playoff rounds, as the first two sub playoff rounds are played on the college campuses and see #3 for more explanation. 3. It is designed each team gets a home game and each a road game. If this can't be worked out some type of a revenue sharing fund is designed to compensate the teams not getting a home game and the TV rights of that conference because tv rights would be he the home team due to part of the reg. season.
4. Everyone plays the last two weeks whether or not in the sub playoff rounds, or a loser in round 1 because these are actually regular season games and part of the schools revenues they depend on. Even teams not in the 32 get an attractive as possible couple of games(1 home & 1 on the road). This should greatly improve the quality of non-conference games. **Maybe play non sub playoff games are played on Friday nights or start by 12 EST time on Sat. to allow for sub-playoff games to be highlighted in the th 3:30 EST & 8 PM EST slots. All teams finishing with at least a 7-6 record can still go to bowls whether in the sub playoff or not. This plan does hurt travel for the bowls because no one has traveled more than current reg. season games now, since the games are played on college campuses. I think this allows fans to actually embrace the bowl system more because we will have had a true national champion decided included with a bowl system, not at the expense of the bowl system.

6. No conference Champ. games instead we have the round of 8. conferences get $$$ if there teams are participating. Conferences with teams in this round get paid on participation, or more based on higher participation.

To illustrate (with the exception of a 13th game so colleges could maximize revenues) how it would be no more games than the current system with a +1 model.

12th game reg. season-round of 32, everyone plays a game
13th game reg. season-roundof 16, everyone plays a game
final 8(used to be conference champ. games)-8 teams play
Final Four-bowls-same number of teams playing bowls now
Championship game- 2 teams