I want us to vindicate OSU
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    I want us to vindicate OSU

    Not only do I want a 8+ winning regular season next year... I also want to vindicate OSU and show to America, particularly the BCS, that yes OSU did lose to ISU and maybe it wasn't their best game.... BUT that ISU wasn't as bad and all these jokes about any team every losing to ISU shouldn't be considered in the NC.... If we could get to 9 wins next year I think people would see that maybe there was a mistake made in the title game this year (assuming LSU takes care of Alabama).... and that maybe ISU was just an up and coming team...

    anyways I have nothing but respect for OSU and how they handled their loss to us... not once have you heard them say it was a fluke or anything.. I really think we could potentially do this but lets just take care of business and get to our 7th win this season

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    Re: I want us to vindicate OSU

    We only had one bad game all season that it did not matter about how many turnovers or penalties we had. The Mizzou game was our one mismatch.

    Suppose Hosey had been injured prior to that game? It would have been a different scenario for sure.

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