The final rankings are out, just as a few quick notes from them:

2) Alabama had a BCS average of 0.9419
3) Oklahoma State had a BCS average of 0.9333

As expected, 4 of 6 computers pushed Oklahoma State to #2 after their win against Oklahoma (keep in mind that computers don't see it was a blow-out, they just see the W).

With the difference in points for the Harris Poll being 69, you can estimate that you needed a little more than 20 additional people to vote Oklahoma ahead of Alabama.

So, who got the worst snub?
Easy way to look at it is to take the unbiased computer rankings and compare to the human polls. A simple computer average compared to the both the Harris & Coaches poll will do, (first number is Harris, second is Coaches) with negative numbers indicating human polls underrated the team & positive indicating overrated:

LSU (0.0 , 0.0)
Alabama (0.75, 0.75)
Oklahoma (-0.75, -0.75)
Stanford (1.75, 1.75)
Oregon (3.00, 3.00)
Arkansas (-1.00, -1.00)
Boise State (2.00, 2.00)
Kansas State (-5.25, -5.25)
South Carolina (0.50, 0.50)
Wisconsin (7.75, 7.75)
Virginia Tech (3.50, 3.50)
Michigan (3.00, 3.00)

Baylor (-6.75, -6.75)

Georgia (-2.75, -2.75)

Take a look at the ones I put in bold, just as quick reference look at the teams who were vastly underrated in the human polls compared to computers. Then do the opposite, find anything interesting?

Oregon was slightly overrated by humans, generally just a bias because they were Pac-12 champions but they remain a Top 10 BCS team.

Kansas State was a team that has a very large bias from the human voters, why? Their two losses came to Oklahoma & Oklahoma State, so neither are 'bad losses' but what they have going against them is that nobody expected them to be that good. Human voters just couldn't push them high enough, quick enough, to really make a difference.

Wisconsin, Michigan & Virginia Tech are all overrated by human voters, especially Wisconsin. Why? Because Wisconsin won the B1G and that in many voters eyes made them so much better apparently. The unbiased computer took a look at their schedule and said, 'no thanks' and kept them down; if the computers had it their way than Wisconsin wouldn't even be eligible for a BCS bowl based on numbers. Michigan was right where they should have been last week, at #15, but thanks to teams actually playing in a conference championship they were able to move ahead (punishing those that play theory) and allowed human voters to overrate. Virginia Tech was largely overrated coming into the week, they were #3/#4 while computers struggled to put them in the top 10 thanks to their schedule as well. They lost, the human voters were able to drop them but not quite far enough...

How about that Baylor team? Timely losses kept them down in the human polls, but the computers saw their schedule overall and said they were much better. Baylor is a Top 10 quality team with their only 'bad loss' coming at the hands of aTm which managed to plummet after the Baylor win.

I'll say this bluntly, Kansas state got jobbed...