I had a few questions over the weekend by people asking if I had been tracking false starts on the year with so many of them occurring in Norman on Saturday. I, of course, was not tracking them previously but I did go back and retroactively log every penalty on the season for Iowa State.

For the drilled down specifics I can't compare to other teams as far as how many false starts they've been called for and whatnot, but I was able to draw comparisons on total penalties and yards both nationally and in the Big 12. In the end, ISU is high up nationally in penalties per game but because ISU at it's opponent's have tended to take so many snaps per game the actually penalty rate isn't as bad as you think. For instance, ISU is penalized the 16th most in the NCAA but they also are 5th in total plays per game. When you look at the rate of penalties when compared to total plays they are actually 44th in the NCAA.

Anyway, here it is...please share any comments or questions:

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