I would love to see a playoff and I hate the postseason exhibition set of games we have known as the bowl setup. How about this idea?

It will be hard to ever get more than 4 teams in a college football playoff or that will be how it has to start before more are included IMO. Actually, in football I could live with the national champion had to win their conference it kind of makes sense, although the wild card teams winning in the NFL or MLB happens a lot. By the way I wouldn't mind 6 and two teams get a bye, but we can assume 4.

For the rest of the teams that would have been in meaningless bowls how creating a Conference Championship Challenge? Where you rank the leagues by some predetermined set of criteria(like rankings, strength of schedue, etc) 1-10 where you take the top 7 teams in each league and match them up with the top 7(would need to have an odd number of teams) from the league ranked next to them. 1&2, 3&4, etc. The 4 in the playoff are not involved. The NCAA awards a conference championship to the winner.

You can still rank the teams after this is finished and I would be more excited as a Big 12 fan by games at the end of the year if it could beat the SEC then watching the meaning less bowls.

It could be for
#1 SEC vs. Big 12
#3 Pac 10 vs. B1G
#5 ACC vs Big East
#7 MWC vs Conference USA
#9 Big West vs MAC