1) Iowa State - obviously, irony is it will hurt OSU twice by beating OU as they need the SOS win vs a top 10 team to stay in the hunt in the BCS standings.
2) Oklahoma State - beast OU!!! This is a bigger game for them than many may think.
3) All Big 10 Team to lose - If I had to pick one- go with Nebraska 2-0 in a 3 overtime snoozer.
4) LSU vs Arkansas - Definitely Arkansas - no way the world needs to see an SEC West rematch in the Title Game.
5) Alabama - Auburn, Definitely Auburn - an SEC West rematch would be too much living in SEC country now.
6) Georgia vs SEC West Champion - if vs LSU or Alabama - go Georgia, if Alabama Loses and Arkansas wins, then Arkansas. If LSU, Arkansas and Alabama are all one loss teams - Alabama is in the SEC Title Game and if they lose that Game Oklahoma State has a chance with a big win vs OU and the BCS will be a HUGE Mess.

I want to see the Oklahoma State Cowboys take down one of these vaunted SEC Defenses. They need Arkansas to win and Alabama to lose. Anything is possible after this weekend!