I'm a Clone fan. A Cub fan. A Bulls fan (oh wait no correlation Jordan won 6 Titles) But I'm also a Big XII guy. 8 years ago I transplanted myself in B1G Territory right outside of Champaign Urbana. Told most of the folks they would get along with my great... I hate the Hawkeyes too. They cannot get past the Bruce Pearl incident.

With all of that being said, I have always been a ISU fan 1st and a Big XII fan 2nd. Since I moved we have been for the most part irrelevant in Basketball, and looking for (and hopefully finding) a FB coach who was not jumping ship at the 'next' job. So when it came to NCAA tourney time, and the Bowl season or hunt for a National Championship, my hopes have been with the Oklahomas, Texases, and KU's of the Big XII. Hell I even root for Baylor in Basketball now that they have a coach who is legit and did try and cover up a murder of a player. It was always hard to root for Mangino at KU, but a whole lot easier to root for Self than Roy.

Okay Okay, I do have a point. IT is easier to root for some teams over others, but the last month has more than clarified this situation for me. IF I had to rank my favorite Big XII teams, other than the Clones. About a year ago I would have gone...

1. Mizzou
2. OU
3. Texas
4. KU
5-9 does it matter
10. Texas A&M
11. Nebraska

Well Obviously #11 was well chosen (don't let the screen door hit you ***** on the way out) of course CU, had leapfrogged A&M to the 10 spot. The list dropped to 9 schools, but A&M remained at the bottom.

Here is the Big Change! I traveled to Columbia for an ugly football game, but even uglier fans. Loyalty obviously means nothing to the Tigers and they are now DEAD LAST.

Who should replace them at the top. This spot in my heart is usually reserved for schools who are so good, that you can say we will probably lose to them, and I wish them well carrying the Conference banner. Not sure why Mizzou ever had it in my heart, but they sure as hell lost it. Following the events of the last 2 days. Oklahoma State is my NEW Favorite (not ISU) Big XII team. Why? several reasons....

4. Adversity. All schools face adversity, but they have faced alot. The plane crashes are one thing, but it had to be difficult as they found out the Pac piece of poop, wanted Big Brother, but did not want them.

3. Loyalty. A number of weeks ago they were playing on Thursday night. T.Boone Pickens was interviewed and talked about the Big 6, the Big 8, and Loyalty to the Big XII. I appreciate that.

2. They get it. They are the little brother to the Big Fish in the pond.

1. Class. I've always like Gundy. I turned 40 last year and my FB post was the video. "I'm a Man! I'm 40!" But last night he had class in a loss. Blackmon is a STUD, and he was nothing more than complementary about the Cyclone effort.

Cheers to OSU. If I could trade last nights win for a win against Texas, A&M, or Baylor, so we would be Bowl eligible now and you still had a chance at the National Title I would do it in a second. Wish you all the best going forward.

For the record. Todays favorites


2. West Virginia (alot of you mine coal for electricity, and you want in the Big XII)

3. Kansas - In my heart Basketball counts even if it doesn't in Conference realignment

4. Oklahoma - You have quality programs, but because of the # of TV sets you are stuck with us in the Big XII

5. KSU - like Okie State and the Clones, and every school in Texas that is not Texas, you understand 2nd fiddle

6. BYU - you know you want in

7. Cincy / Louisville / (enter 12th team here) - Cause we can count to 12 and you matter.

8. Baylor - you are a Texas school, but like us, nobody wants you.

9. Texas Tech - Proof that the Defensive Coordinator is more important than the Head Coach!

10. TCU - no reason

11. Texas - Love Rick Barnes as a coach, but most of this **** is your fault.

the others

12. Colorado - It probably was a good move, but you won't compete there either
13. Texas A&M - 2nd fiddle in a state sucks, but 3rd fiddle in a Conference Division will prove to be worse.
14. Nebraska - Our Stadium may only hold 55K, but at least it still is outside of the top 10 cities in terms of population, unlike your 3rd largest stadium, errr city.
15. Missouri - BOO!