Iowa State is riding high off its victory over Oklahoma State, but who's to say we can't win more? We face two very one dimensional offenses to finish the season, and we just held the most dynamic offense in the country to 17 points. Wide receivers across the board are starting to step up to the plate and make plays to supplement our Zone Read game.

Oklahoma's offense lost a ton of firepower when Ryan Broyles and Dominique Whaley went down. Oklahoma likes to run a bunch of screens, much like OSU. Can LJ continue his shutdown-level performance going against OU's Kenny Stills? Can this Cyclone offense keep its poise and execution going against a more dominant defense? Can Wally Burnham continue scheming enough pressure to get Landry Jones out of sync?

Don't look now, but we might have the players to keep Oklahoma to an uncharacteristically poor offensive performance as well.